On the occasion of your 70th birthday, I would like to extend warm wishes for your good health, happiness and enduring success in the service of the Indian people.

In a challenging year for our countries and societies, I’m confident that we will be able to further strengthen our dialogue and solidarity in the efforts to deal with the current health social and economic crisis.

Let me also assure that Portugal remains committed to fostering a solid partnership between the EU and India, as discussed in our last meeting in December 2019, in New Delhi. Together the European Union and India represent a democratic space made up of over 1.8 billion people. It is critical that both sides work together in order to manage the huge transformations the world is undergoing with respect four our fundamental values: freedom, rule of law, tolerance and social justice. The UE-India summit, to be held next year during the Portuguese presidency of the EU Council, will provide us with the ideal opportunity to find ways of achieving our mutual prosperity through trade, investment and support for international cooperation

Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration and personal esteem


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