Embassy of Portugal in India

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

General information

General information

Country flag

Official designation
Republic of India
Capital and Gov. location
New Delhi
Head of State
Ram Nath Kovind
Prime Minister
Narendra Modi (BJP)
Political system
Federal Republic; Parlamentarian Democracy 
3 287 590 km2 (7th in th World)
1 210 193 422 (2nd in the World, 2011)
Population density
329 inhab/km2
Predominant religion
Hinduism, 79,8%; Islamism, 14,2%; Christianism, 2,3%; Sikhism, 1,7%; Budhism, 0,7%; 
Jainism, 0,4%; Others, 0,9%
Official language
English and Hindi on the Legal and Administrative Systems. Each State has its own Official Language
Indian Rupee (INR)
GDP at market prices
US$ 7.965 Trillions (World Nr. 3, 2015)
GDP per capita
US$ 1.617 (World Nr. 143, 2015)


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